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Block A

What is Relevant on the MS Marco Passage Ranking Leaderboard?

Arjen de Vries

Query Resolution for Conversational Search with Limited Supervision

Nikos Voskarides

Sponsor - Textkernel

Block B

A New Neural Search and Insights Platform for Navigating and Organizing AI Research

Jakub Zavrel

Demand Forecasting in the Presence of Privileged Information

Mozhdeh Ariannezhad

Sponsor - Froomle

Block C

Improving End-to-End Sequential Recommendations with Intent-Aware Diversification

Wanyu Chen

Why Does My Model Fail? Contrastive Local Explanations for Retail Forecasting

Ana Lucic

Block D

A Comparison of Supervised Learning to Match Methods for Product Search

Fatemeh Sarvi

Retrospective and Prospective Mixture-of-Generators for Task-oriented Dialogue Response Generation

Jiahuan Pei

Analyzing and Predicting Purchase Intent in E-commerce: Anonymous vs. Identified Customers

Mariya Hendriksen

Block E

Latency… Matters, Large-Scale Recommender Systems at

Barrie Kersbergen

Sponsor -

When Inverse Propensity Scoring does not Work: Affine Corrections for Unbiased Learning to Rank

Ali Vardasbi

Block F

Cascade Model-based Propensity Estimation for Counterfactual Learning to Rank

Ali Vardasbi

Sponsor - DPG Media

Exploring Users' Learning Gains within Search Sessions

Nirmal Roy

Block G

Towards Memorable Information Retrieval

Sihang Qiu

Document ranking with BERT on a collection with complete relevance judgments

Negin Ghasemi

Multi cloud machine translation for question and answering datasets to Dutch

Chaïm van Toledo

Block H

Challenges in the Evaluation of Conversational Search Systems

Gustavo Penha

Research on Promoting Healthy Choices in Food Search and Multi-list Recommender Systems

Alain Starke

Sponsor - Zeta Alpha

Block I

Conversations with Documents. An Exploration of Document-Centered Assistance

Maartje ter Hoeve

Who's Afraid of Adversarial Queries? The Impact of Image Modifications on Content-based Image Retrieval

Zhuoran Liu

Uncertainty-Aware Reward Modelling for Off-Policy Learning in Recommendation

Olivier Jeunen